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Our Founder Susie Duncan

Susie Duncan

Susie Duncan had a vision to protect, connect and restore landscape-scale wildlife corridors on the Sunshine Coast.

She wanted to ensure the long-term conservation of all native plants and animals in the Sunshine Coast area.

In 2011, she established Hinterland Bush Links to see her vision into reality.

She set-out to support landholders to protect and restore their own land, and to create habitat connections with neighbours. She helped landholders by securing funds through grants and donations and building a community of committed volunteers, willing to help.  In 2021, Susie stepped down as Manager but is still involved and keeps an interest in the goings-on of Hinterland Bush Links.

Susie has over 40 years of experience as a wildlife researcher and successful hands-on conservationist.

Susie is a qualified Ecologist, passionate about involving local people to protect wildlife and re-connect habitat.

She moved from Chiltern in NE Victoria to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in 2003 and undertook a fauna survey at Curramore Wildlife Sanctuary for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. This survey was the inspiration for establishing Hinterland Bush Links.

Prior to moving to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, she was involved in the creation of a series of National Parks to protect the flora and fauna of the Box-Ironbark country across northern Victoria.

While Susie has stepped down as Coordinator, she is still involved and keeps an interest in the goings-on of Hinterland Bush Links, sharing her knowledge through fundraising works and volunteering at events


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