Koala Habitat Project


The Sunshine Coast Hinterland provides valuable habitat for koalas but the habitat requires protection and expansion. It is recognised through on-ground surveys that there is still a healthy and relatively abundant population of local koalas to save. Nature has no voice and way to protect itself. The future of local koalas is in our hands. We need to grow and expand good quality habitat in strategic locations.​

Hinterland Bush Links is proud to be leading a Hinterland Koala Habitat Project aimed to protect, restore, and increase koala habitat on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Koalas were listed as “Endangered” under the Environment Protection and Conservation Protection Act in February 2022.

Through our Roving Restorer program and with the financial support of Koala Action Inc and Queensland Koala Crusaders Inc, we will revegetate crucial koala habitat in science-based koala corridors.

We need your help to grow and expand the work we are doing on the Hinterland Koala Habitat Project.

Key project aims:

  • Koala habitat trees
    plant 5000 koala habitat trees (at least 20% of which will be koala food trees) across private (16) and public properties (Tuan Environment Reserve)
  • Volunteer tree planting
    10 volunteer tree planting events
  • Contractor tree planting
    6 additional tree planting by contractor
  • First Nation collaboration
    working with Kabi Kabi, First Nation people through Bunya Bunya Aboriginal Corporation to undertake all works on a paid contract for the 1000 tree planting at Tuan Environment Reserve
  • Community weeding events
    6 community volunteer weeding events
  • Digital education resources
    Development of digital education resources for landholders on koala habitat restoration.
  • Landholder field day
    1 field day for landholders on best practice habitat restoration and education about koala conservation.
  • Educational talk
    1 educational talk with leading researchers on koala conservation
  • Lantana removal
    lantana removal across 20 properties

Project Highlights


koala food and habitat trees planted to expand koala habitat.

6 hectares

of invasive weeds removed from koala habitat during community weeding days.

10 properties

cleared of lantana to improving habitat quality to facilitate koala movement across the landscape for food and mates.

750 hours

of volunteer labour contributed to koala habitat restoration.


Koala Conservation talk with Vanda Grabowski from Koala Action Inc and Queensland Koala Crusaders covering koala threats, identification and the importance of koala conservation.

Koala Habitat Community Tree Planting

For event details check out our socials or register below.

By joining us, you will contribute to the restoration of koala habitat, which are crucial for their survival. 

No prior experience is necessary, as our friendly team will provide all the guidance and materials needed. 

A fantastic event and experience for the family. 

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