Hinterland Bush Links

Connecting, Restoring and Protecting

Hinterland Bush Links is an independent, not-for-profit and community-based environmental organisation.

We empower and support local landholders to connect, restore and protect native vegetation. The work we do improves landscape-scale wildlife corridors and helps secure biodiversity on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

We help our local landholders by securing funding to bring volunteers together, remove weeds, plant trees and run educational events.

Together with the local community, we have been doing practical on-ground work since 2011.

Our Focus Areas

  • Habitat Restoration
    Habitat restoration in strategic locations that link major nature hubs.
  • Community Involvement
    Building strong relationships in our community to deliver our programs.
  • Community Education
    Increasing the community’s knowledge of conservation.
  • Organisational Sustainability
    Striving for organisational excellence.

Connect with us on our Socials

Roving Restorers

Roving Restorers is our passionate volunteer weeding and tree planting group that meets fortnightly to support local landholders with positive conservation projects on their property. Meet some like-mind people and visit some beautiful locations

Upper Mary Valley Weed Vine Project

Upper Mary Valley Weed Vine Project

Established since 2013 (focusing on the headwaters and upper reaches) this project helps to radicate the three highly invasive species of weed-vines – Cat’s claw creeper, Madeira vine and Dutchman’s pipe.

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Education for Landholders

We view landholder education as a great way to create a ripple effect for environmental conservation. Our education campaigns and workshops available to help local landholders gain knowledge to carry out restoration and conservation work.

Hinterland Koala Habitat Project

Leading a Hinterland Koala Habitat Project we aim to protect, restore, and increase koala habitat, and expand good quality habitat in strategic locations ​on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Upcoming Events

Koala Habitat Community Tree Planting

For event details check out our socials or register below.

By joining us, you will contribute to the restoration of koala habitat, which are crucial for their survival. 

No prior experience is necessary, as our friendly team will provide all the guidance and materials needed. 

A fantastic event and experience for the family. 

Free Event


Noosa and Hinterland
For event details check out our socials or register below.

Our Roving Restorer volunteer bush regeneration group meets fortnightly on a Friday morning. 

Our Roving Restorer volunteer bush regeneration group meets fortnightly on a Friday morning. 

Free Event

Our Project Area

We work mainly across the Sunshine Coast Hinterland area.

Typically for on-ground works we work with non-urban properties of greater than 2 hectares.  We support property owners with smaller blocks through education.

We do not require private landholders to have an environmental covenant (ie VCA or Nature Refuge) for us to consider working with you. 

We welcome all properties that fall within the strategic corridors of our focus area.

If you would like to work on a project with us, we would love to hear from you.

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As a community, we can achieve amazing things. Discover all the ways you can get involved with us today!
Education for Landholders