Hinterland Bush Links - Introduction

The Land Tells the Story

Kabi Kabi elder, Auntie Beverley Hand shares her knowledge of how a healthy landscape provides for a healthy people.

Managing the land

Auntie Beverly Hand describes how caring for the land has changed since colonisation.

Connecting the Forests

Why connecting our bush is so important for our native plants and animals.

The Threat of Weeds

Controlling weeds to create healthy habitat for our wildlife.

How We Help Landholders

How Hinterland Bush Links helps landholders to plan and achieve habitat restoration.

Roving Restorers

Susie Duncan and others describe the work of our volunteers through Roving Restorers

Hinterland Bush Links acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland who have cared for this country over millennia.

We are extremely grateful to Tom Wohlmut of WMS media Inc for the pro bono production of this series of videos. We thank Paul Barnes, Ben Blewitt, Susie Duncan, Paul Magee and Greg Roberts for use of wildlife photos, and Den Lalor for aerial footage.

The Hinterland Bush Links project is proudly supported by Sunshine Coast Council’s grants program.

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