Petrie Creek headwaters restoration

Photo by Raoul Slater, Green Catbird calling

Neighbours in the Hunchy district are restoring vegetation along several headwater streams of Petrie Creek and in the surrounding landscape. This area contains several ‘Of concern’ regional ecosystems. One property is now protected by a Voluntary Conservation Agreement and there is interest in connecting the original vegetation and revegetated patches to form more coherent corridors. This will enhance the movement and food supply of the increasingly abundant wildlife, particularly birds.

The top end of the valley links to a mapped critical linkage corridor on the edge of the Blackall Range escarpment. Restoration in the Hunchy area will also contribute to a wildife corridor from Kondalilla National Park on the Blackall Range, to Triunia National Park to the east of the escarpment.

Land owners regularly share their experiences with erosion control and restoration. A high priority for this community is improving linkages between properties and managing erosion in a landslip-prone landscape.

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