Little Yabba Park Bushcare Group

Photo by Raoul Slater, Yellow Robin at nest
The Bushcare group after a morning of planting & weeding
Great Barred Frogs live in the nearby rainforest - Photo T. Bright
A Lace Monitor seen close to a planting site
Carpet Python after a bandicoot-sized meal!
Little Yabba Park Bushcare Group
Removing Madeira Vine weed from rainforest trees
Mary-Ann Law with Madeira VIne - note the mass of tubers

This group is restoring vegetation along the banks of Little Yabba Creek and the Mary River, in Little Yabba Park at Cambroon. The park is a Sunshine Coast Council reserve in the Upper Mary Valley and restoration will contribute to a key wildlife corridor between the Blackall Range and the Conondale Ranges. Sunshine Coast Council are providing planning advice for the Bushcare group, as well as support for weed management and revegetation works.

The volunteers in the group come from the Mary Valley and Maleny. They meet at the park on the first Friday of the month (except January) at 8am and undertake weeding and revegetation work for about 2 hours. The park is adjacent to the Fig Tree walk on the Mary River, a beautiful rainforest walk where Wompoo Fruit-doves and many other rainforest birds are easily observed. Spectacled Monarch flycatchers have nested close to the Fig Tree track.

We recently found an empty egg-case of a White-throated Snapping Turtle on the gravel bank of Little Yabba Creek. Foxes eat the eggs of the turtles so they need protection from these predators. A very large Carpet Python was also found curled up above the bank after a big meal - we could see the bulge of a bandicoot-sized animal in its belly.

We are currently seeking new members for the group so feel welcome to join us - just turn up on the day.

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