Wildlife Habitat in your backyard

Barry Traill led a fascinating workshop on how to invite local wildlife into your backyard on 13 May. The key message was - keep it messy mate! This means setting aside some parts of your garden for piles of branches, long-grass or rocks.

The other valuable tip is to plant or protect natural regeneration of the local vegetation that occurred there originally. This will ensure that the plants best suited to your soil type and local climate will thrive. That in turn will ensure shelter and tucker for the local wildlife. Talking to neighbours about creating habitat can result in really useful corridors for wildlife even in an urban landscape.

To prove the value of these pronouncements, this 1 acre property on the edge of Maleny is home to 19 butterfly species, 7 frogs, 12 reptiles, 14 mammals and 78 resident or passing-through birds.


The rare Three-toed Snake-tooth Skink, a rainforest specialist, has made its home in the messy leaf-litter of Barry's garden


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