Roving Restorers

28.05.21  Roving Restorers had a wonderfully successful morning planting 160 trees at North Maleny today. This is a fabulous story of cooperation among neighbours and groups with Sue encouraging and helping neighbour, Geoff plant out a corner of his property which fronts onto Obi Creek. Barung Landcare grew the plants, SCC Land for Wildlife officers gave advice, Hinterland Bush Links helped get the trees in the ground! Other neighbours came to help or made cake for morning tea. Lake Baroon Catchment Care Group is helping Geoff with fencing off the creek from cattle and providing off-stream watering. All these things help make a wonderful community and a healthier Obi Creek. Thank you so much, Sue for your fabulous work, and thank you Roving Restorers for doing an amazing job!

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