Nest boxes

How do you house large owls and cockatoos? Cast off wheelie bins may be just the thing for these animals that nest in very big hollows found in trees of 200+ years of age. Few of these trees still remain as a result of past logging and clearing. So an inventive local builder is assisting two landholders at Bellthorpe to see if these bins will be taken up by the local wildlife.

John Childs is excited about the prospect of owls and cockatoos using the boxes. Inside the wheelie bin a wire “ladder” has been placed to enable fledging birds to climb out before flying away, cross bar at entrance for perching, mulch for nesting base, small logs bolted in for cockatoo chew sticks.

John's nest box project which also includes setting up a range of smaller boxes through his forest, has been generously supported by Moreton Bay Regional Council. The creative wheelie bin work was undertaken by Paul Luthje and Barry Traill.


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